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Update UNIMAS Email Signature

Last modified by Suni on 2015/05/12 12:08

How-to Edit HTML Signature files in Lotus Email / Tatacara Pengemaskinian fail HTML Signature pada Emel Lotus

1. Please click the URL below & choose your User Type / Sila klik URL di bawah dan pilih Jenis Pengguna.


landing page signature.png

2. Please fill in the necessary details as requested in the fields provided / Sila isikan maklumat yang diperlukan ke dalam ruang yang disediakan.

edit signature.png

3. Once done, please click UPDATE, insert any file name & click Save / Setelah selesai, klik UPDATE, masukkan sebarang nama fail & tekan butang Save.

Update Signature.png

4. To view the edited files, please click the saved files & it will open in your Browser as shown / Untuk melihat hasil pengemaskinian, klik fail yang telah disave tadi dan ia akan dibuka menggunakan Browser Internet yang terpilih seperti yang ditunjukkan


Uploading the html files to Lotus Notes email settings / Memuat naik fail html ke setting emel Lotus Notes

1.       Open your Lotus Email / Buka emel Lotus anda


2.       Navigate to More > Preference / Pergi ke More > Preference


3.       Go to Signature Tabs > Choose Rich Text > Click T > Import and locate your edited files previously on your Local Disk (Desktop) / Pergi ke tab Signature > Pilih Butang Rich Text > Klik T > Import dan cari fail yang telah diedit yang telah di save di dalam storan PC (Desktop)


NOTE: Tick the Automatically append a signature to the bottom of my outgoing mail messages

NOTA: Sila tandakan Automatically append a signature to the bottom of my outgoing mail messages

4.       Done / Selesai

Created by Adam anak Francis on 2015/03/30 10:04

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