Help and support

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Help and support

Day to day support and advice

Within the wiki service itself all users have access to the Wiki Help & Guidance wiki where topics covered include:

  • Basic and advanced editing.
  • Basic and advanced wiki administration.
  • Best practice information for wikis in teaching, research and administration.
  • Spaces where emergent best practice/experiences can be shared; over time building up a wiki knowledge base to support new wiki users.

There is also a Sandbox wiki play area to try out anything you like before 'doing it for real' within your own wiki area.

If the answer to your question is not available in the Help wiki you can contact the UNIMAS Wiki Support Team for further assistance.

You do not have to be a wiki support team member to edit the wiki - any member is able to edit the wiki - that is what it is there for!

As well as editing the wiki, team members are here to help you. If you have any problems or questions regarding editing and content of the wiki side of the site please ask them in this forum and a team member (or anyone else) will be able to help you out. Please do not contact at team member directly - make your point in this forum. emoticon_smile

OK, there we have it, the Wiki Support Team. Let's all get out there now and start editing the wiki to make it the best student resource on the web, all written by students!


Need to get in contact with us?

To ensure your enquiry reaches the right person, please choose from the most appropriate way of getting in touch below:

Trouble logging in / accessing the site

If you are having trouble logging in or accessing the site, please send an email to

Site feedback / Bug reporting

If you have any feedback regarding the site, its development or perhaps you have found a bug, please do let us know in our development and bugs forum.

Contacting a member of the community team or moderator

To get in touch with a moderator or the community team, post up in our Ask A Moderator forum.

All other enquiries

If you are unsure, or feel your enquiry does not fit in one of the above, please contact us.

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