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There are several ways to create a page in this wiki.

  • Using the ADD menu integration
  • Using the Editor

Using the ADD menu integration

To add a page, you can hover to the ADD menu as shown below and choose Page. If you want to choose the Page from Office please read this tutorial on Office Importer.


Fill in the page name and hit the CREATE button. 


Your new page is created. Hit the Edit button to start editing your page.


Using the Editor

When editing a page, you can add a link to an existing page (and can even find it using the search function inside the pop-up) or to a page that does not exist yet.

Rich Editor (WYSIWYG)

In the rich editor, follow the following steps : 

  • Edit the page in which you want to create a link to the new page
  • Type your text.
  • Select the text that will become a link
  • Click on "Wiki Page"

  • Click on "Add new page (in current space)"

  • Type the title of the page (this is the one in the URL of the new page)

Wiki Editor

Using wiki editor, you just have to use wiki link syntax. The syntax is label of my link. Most of the time you don't have to specify the "wiki" part because the link is on the current wiki. Therfore it becomes 

[[label of my linkspace.title]]

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