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Space creation

Spaces are created implicitly and automatically as soon as one page is created with its name as the page space name. For example if you create a link in a page to [NewSpace.Page], the first time you click on the link to create the page the "NewSpace" space will be created and the page will be saved inside it.

You can create a new space by using the Add menu:


Fill in the Space homepage name and click "Create":

You can choose one of the two default templates to use for the homepage of the new space:

  • a blank homepage
  • a space dashboard

Of course more space templates can be created and used when first creating a space.

You can also create spaces straight from the homepage by clicking the "Create a new space" link as presented below:

Deleting a space

In order to delete a space you have to delete all the pages in that space. 

Hover over the "Space" menu and click on "Delete".

This way, all the pages of that space will be moved to the recycle bin. To restore the space, you will have to restore its pages one by one. To do so, click on "View the list of documents from this space that are currently present in the Recycle Bin".

You will be redirected to "Main.AllDocs" in which the livetable displays the "Deleted Documents" tab which stands for the Recycle Bin. There for each page you have 2 options:

  • To restore a page, click on the corresponding green icon located in the last column of the livetable.
  • To empty the Recycle bin : click on the red cross icon for each page you want to delete permanently  this operation can not be undone.

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