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Introduction to the UNIMASWiki

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What is Wiki?

A wiki is a type of website that allows any people to change and edit it. One of the most well-known and well-used wikis is Wikipedia, an online encyclopedia created by users from all over the world. Anyone can add new entries to wiki, and change or add to existing entries. Wikis are good in enabling people share information and their knowledge and it is very powerful tool if being used in the proper way.

But, why we need UNIMASWiki?

UNIMAS as a university is a portal of real knowledge.  There are tons of lecturers, professors and experts in UNIMAS circles. Therefore it is only logical to have a wiki so that all these brilliant people could share their passion and more importantly their knowledge and expertise.  Students and visitors alike could also benefit not only from reading expansive articles but also by learning how to write things has never been thought of or never been in other people perspective. It is a brilliant opportunity. Now, everyone can have a chance to write things in different angle and that what makes knowledge culture grows!

How can I utilize this wiki?

For professors

  • Research and Administrative Practices
    • Gathering, centralizing research, thoughts, ideas
    • Networking and personal knowledge sharing, within and outside department
    • Knowledge management
    • Annotated links
  • Teaching Practices
    • Course announcements and readings
    • Instructional tips for students
    • Generating constructive feedback to user generated content (class-based feedback from posted ideas)
    • Build knowledge over several classes, reflect how teaching practices helps students focus on new/different/same ideas
    • Encourage interdisciplinary work across campus (e.g., social sciences with engineering, and so on)

For students

  • Have groups use a wiki as a central "space" for group work
    • Students can share course-related resources
    • Students can produce a custom, collaborative class publication.
      • Students (as members of groups or as individuals) can each edit their own section of the project. No need to keep track of who has the current version.
      • Professor can easily track who made what contributions to the final product
  • Students can develop an ePortfolio showing projects and learning across disciplines or within subject area through interconnecting concepts
  • Have students share class notes to develop a common understanding of course concepts
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