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Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) within the context of CITDS, is a written description of steps for all significant activities relating to the practice and management of CITDS.  

CITDS's SOP introduces users and management to the general aspects of CITDS management functions including project management, application development, database administration, handling of customer requests/needs/training, management of the ICT hardware and software, ICT security, data recovery etc. This SOP also includes forms and checklists of items to be used to manage the university ICT processes.

The following are the anticipated benefits of having generic SOPs for CITDS;

1. To provide procedures and work regulation

2. To establish uniformity in the way of doing work

3. To reduce errors in the course of operations

4. As a reference to the university community 

5. To ease the learning process of the reshuffled/new staff

6. To  facilitate the improvements of work process

7. To reduce the need for verbal instructions

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