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Dasar Keselamatan ICT (DKICT)

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UNIMAS has adopted Dasar Keselamatan ICT (DKICT) as a means of protecting the confidentiality, integrity and availability of university data as well as any information systems that store, process or transmit university data. UNIMAS DKICT sets out the responsibilities and the procedures to be followed to safeguard the resources provided and the confidentiality and integrity of the information held thereon.


The purpose of UNIMAS DKICT is to provide guidance for security controls of information systems to ensure smooth business continuity by minimizing the impact of security incidents.It is intended as a reference document to all UNIMAS users (including staff, suppliers, consultants, students and other interested parties dealing with UNIMAS). 


UNIMAS DKICT is to be read, understood and followed to avoid any form of negligence that could lead to security threats.

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