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UNIMAS ICT Strategic Plan 2013-2015 (ISP 2013-2015)

Last modified by Latifah Loh Bte Abdullah @ Loh Latipah on 2013/12/05 12:20

The ISP 2013-2015 identifies how ICT services will remain relevant in supporting the University direction in ensuring that the services delivered will continue to meet the needs of our customers and the community.

Over the past twenty years, UNIMAS community showed a very positive acceptance towards the ICT transformation. This plan provides for the further enhancement of the University info-structure and infrastructure in order to cater for the increase demand of using ICT systems.

The plan will be reviewed annually to ensure it continues to target the most crucial priorities facing by UNIMAS and aligns with UNIMAS Strategy Map.

Created by Latifah Loh Bte Abdullah @ Loh Latipah on 2013/12/05 11:18

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